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On Episode 4, I sit down with music licensing expert & owner of Limbo Bears Music. Co-founder of 321 Productions where they have had music placed on MTV, The Game Show Network, and Sundance Film Festivals. Co-Founder of Understroke Productions a music company that makes music for Facebooks sound collection.  SAG actor Brandon Lee Harris shares how he advanced his show.  

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Advancing the show is a term used in the music industry defined as: "confirming all details in advance  for the show once the contracts are signed for the show / tour".

Show Creator Ryan Galway has been working in the music industry since 2010. Having a passion for music, Ryan took the business route in the music industry.  Ryan has worked with many talented artists over the years and currently working with Janet Gardner (formerly the Voice of Vixen), Justin James and Triple Addiction. Ryan also has managed a number of tours over the years including, "The Haunted Youth Tour,Yalta Tour, Somewhere Before Christmas Tour, and The Empress Tour".

Ryan has been eager to teach up-and-coming artists the business behind the music. Most bands do not realize they are starting a business, developing a brand and if success treats them well, a corporation. 

Advancing the Show podcast will interview various experts within the music industry, from venue owners, artist managers, agents, promoters and the artists themselves, about what it takes to be a successful brand in the world of music. 

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